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t20 2020


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Creating Your Own Team

The very first step is to choose any of the upcoming or ongoing matches or games to start the team with.

Discovering Team

With the help of below mentioned possible blends, you can create your own team comprising best talents that can help you boost up your chances to win the game!

T1 1 5 2 3
T2 1 5 1 4
T3 1 4 1 5
T4 1 4 2 4
T5 1 4 3 3
T6 1 3 2 5
  • Now you have to select the players based on the categories mentioned above in the table.
  • In case you want to know more about any player, you can get information by clicking on ‘I” tab against each player profile.
  • You can further filter the players based on their performance, teams and credits available.

Note: Ensure you keep a note of players you adding, available credits and timeline for the final team submission

Get the Captain on-board

Once you are done with the team selection, the next thing you have to do is to finalize who will be playing role of captain and vice-captain. You can earn extra points, i.e. 2x points for the Captain & 1.5x points for the Vice-Captain based on their on-field performance during a match/game.

Form Multiple Teams

You can increase chances to win games by creating multiple teams and join contests.

Managing Teams

If you wish to ensure a win in GamePlanFantasy, your team plays a vital role! Hence, you get enough opportunities to manage your teams in a best possible ways.

You can make plenty of changes to your team but only before end of deadline which is usually one hour prior to match startup.

Here’s how you earn points

T20 Fantasy Cricket Points:

For Batting:

Run +0.5
Four Bonus +0.5
Six Bonus +1
Half-century Bonus +2
Century Bonus +2
Duck Dismissal -3

For Bowling:

Wicket Excluding Run Out +8
4 wicket haul Bonus +2
5 wicket haul Bonus +4

FieldingFor Fielding:

Catch +4
Stumping +6
Run out +4

Economy RateFor Economy Rate (Applicable on bowlers & all rounder):

Valid only For the players throwing minimum 2 over.

Below 4 runs per over +3
Between 4-4.99 runs per over +2
Between 5-6 runs per over +1
Between 9-10 runs per over -1
Between 10.1-11 runs per over -2
Above 11 runs per over -3

STRIKE RATEFor Strike Rate (Applicable on bowlers & all rounder):

Valid only for the batsmen playing minimum 10 balls.

Between 60-70 runs per 100 balls -1
Between 50-59.9 runs per 100 balls -2
Below 50 runs per 100 balls -3
  • Wicket (excluding run-out) includes stumped, bowled, caught out, and hit wicket. In such event, the points will be given to the player who has thrown the ball. If batsman is stumped, wicket keeper and bowler will be given the points.
  • Economy rate calculation is as followed:
    • For T20, the economy rate is counted in 2nd over
    • For ODI, the economy rate is counted in 5th over
    • No calculation in case of Test Match & T10.
  • Additional points will be credited for the captain and vice-captain selected during team formation. However, in case of the deductions, the points of your captain are deducted as 2x only. The same is applicable in case of vice-captain.
  • If on-field player is supposed to be replaced with a substitute, there will be no points given to the substitute for his efforts in the game.
  • No changes shall be reflected immediately in the GamePlanFantasy schedule if any on-field player is exchanged in the middle of a game. The change might be reflected from the next scheduled update.
  • For the negative marking/point deductions in the event of poor economy rate, only all-rounders and bowlers will be affected. No other players will face any deductions in the points. Additionally, the Strike rate is applicable on all other players apart from the bowlers playing in the team.
  • For the batsman economy rate will count only in positive, negative economy rate will not consider for the batsman.

Checking the GamePlanFantasy Account Balance

  • Viewing the account balance

    Simply click on “My Account” link and access the prizes you earned.

  • Withdraw the earnings

    In case you wish to withdraw the balance, we will initiate one time verification of your identity and banking details provided. This is just to avoid any kind of fraud with GamePlanFantasy and/or you. Further, if you have won any cash leagues, it will be transferred without any kind of processing fees.

    You can also leverage from some cash bonus, which is at sole discretion of GamePlanFantasy to credit in your account. Such cash bonus can be utilized under specific conditions.

  • Add Balance

    In case you are adding any money balance in the GamePlanFantasy account, you can utilize the same for participating in different contests/events organized in the portal and/or mobile app. In case you don’t use the balance added in the account as a deposit, it will be in “Unutilized” status of your GamePlanFantasy account.